Ray of Light


 Guiding You In Life, Business & Health

VICKI ELLIOTT had a vision.. to make a sea-change & create a holistic practice where she could help others navigate life's stresses & hardships. 

Her part-time practice built up becoming full-time. She outgrew her home base and in 2011, took the next courageous step in pursuit of her vision... moving Heavenly Healing into an office space in Norwest Business Park. 

Vicki is a qualified coach and a successful business woman who has achieved not only in her own business but awarded at the national and international levels for marketing. She continues to mentor entrepreneurs & individuals to truly create their life's vision in a way that suits their unique personality & lifestyle goals.

She has been intuitive since childhood. It was a struggle for her to understand or accept her gift until her mid 30s as spirituality outside the church was not respected.  Her exceptional abilities bring another dimension to her work that greatly benefits her clients. She is passionate about supporting others to embrace their own gifts.

Vicki has studied extensively in the holistic area, with qualifications and many years of experience in the healing arts - Reiki, Crystal Healing, Crystal Shamanism, Kinesiology Emotion Balancing and Essences, Meditative Techniques. She teaches a variety of personal and spiritual development classes, workshops as well as Reiki training, most recently Vicki committed to teaching the accredited Crystal Awakening courses and workshops.