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"My Soul is My Guide." RUMI

For many people the decision to learn Reiki healing is a life-changing one. The ability to channel Reiki energy is passed on from the Reiki Master to the student. Once attuned by a Reiki Master Teacher the gift remains with you for life, to benefit yourself and others, wherever and whenever you choose! It is the perfect foundation for all healing because it is totally natural. It is also particularly valuable for those caring for others/or who live with a chronic condition themselves. Reiki is a wonderful complement to those working in other healing modalities, nursing, counselling, childcare & more.

When you train with Vicki Elliott at Heavenly Healing, you have a Reiki Master Teacher with over 12 years experience, who will support your Reiki healing and development through each level, helping you to understand, accept and work with your own unique combination of spiritual skills within the Reiki healing context. As a student you will be invited to attend a monthly Reiki Healing Practice and Share Session with other students at a reduced price versus outside attendees.




Discounts offered for weekday trainings. 


Healing the Physical


Do you have an interest in healing but are unsure where to start?

Reiki is a Japanese form of healing. It is a natural, non-invasive energy healing therapy that attains & promotes wholeness of Mind, Body and Spirit.

The ability to channel Reiki healing energy is passed on from the Reiki Master to the student.

The Reiki healer channels life force energy (ki, chi, prana) to gently balance life energies and brings health and a sense of peace and well-being to the recipient - this energy-balancing and de-stressing technique stimulates the body's natural self-healing ability.

Pre-requisite: Anyone can learn Reiki, no prior experience of energy work or other complementary therapy is required.


Group Training $500

Personal 1 to 1 Training $700

Resit if Trained by Vicki Elliott $250

Resit if Trained Elsewhere to be Quoted

includes theory - what is reiki? the history of reiki; protection techniques; the reiki level 1 symbol; reiki as a complement to traditional medical treatment - when to use/not use; supporting the dying; reiki for animals; 4 x Reiki attunements by the Reiki Master Teacher, practical exercises; hands-on-healing on self and another person; Training Manual, Certificate of Completion, invitation to monthly Healing Circle (at a discounted fee).

Maximum 6 students per Reiki 1st Degree Training


Absent Healing & Professional Practice

To be completed over 2 separate days:

Day 1 Absent Healing

Day 2 Professional Practice

Day 3 Clinic Time

When will I be ready to progress to Reiki 2nd Degree?
When a student has completed and been working with the 1st Degree Reiki energies and practices competently for a period of time no less than 6 months, and the student has a working understanding and reverence for reiki healing in the spiritual and energetic context. 

The student is required to participate in Monthly Healing Circles to practice and share for evaluation until such time Reiki Master Teacher, Vicki Elliott assesses them as competent and ready for professional practice - the student will then be invited to complete their 2nd Degree qualification.


DAY 1 - Absent Healing
This level of attunement allows us to connect and work with the Reiki energy on the mental and emotional levels. In particular, we learn to heal by distance, for example, when the client is unable to be present due to location, disablement, age or having passed as well as a wonderful treatment for animals as it does not require hands-on healing - this is referred to as absent healing. It also allows us to heal through time and space, sending healing to past times and also to the future.

There is a stronger focus on energy systems, metaphysical causes of dis-ease and dis-harmony, holding sacred space, the cycle of grief, extensive practical exercises including 2 x absent healings, gifting of 2 further reiki symbols. With 2 energy attunements.

NOTE: Day 1 can be taken as a stand-alone training for those not wishing to progress to professional practice. A Statement of Participation will be awarded however Reiki lineage will not be issued.


DAY 2 - Practitioner Certification & Professional Practice

Day 2 training includes a recap of Day 1 training Q&A, additional theory and case studies, how to set up your professional practice - professional ethics, documentation, liability, insurance and association information, plus basic marketing information, professional communication, setting up for treatment and also clearing after the consultation, managing a client consultation in a professional setting.

Day 3 - CLINIC TIME Each student will conduct a full in-person hands-on healing with an outside client in a professional consultation room and pass an assessment before being awarded their reiki lineage and certification.

NOTE: Reiki 2nd Degree Day 2 Training and the Clinic Time cannot be taken as stand-alone courses.

The student receives mentoring throughout their professional career.


Maximum 8 students per training.

Group Training: $700

Personal 1 to 1 Training:  $900 

Resit if Trained by Vicki Elliott $300

NB: 50% for attending only Day 1 training.

NB: Day 1 only training students receive a Statement of Participation (uncertified / non-professional), attendance at monthly Healing Circle (at a discounted fee). coffee and tea.


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